Christa’s Top Tips For Casting

Hello everyone! 

My name is Christa and I am head of recruitment here at SR. We are always looking for fabulous new faces and it’s my job to go through all of your children’s applications and get in contact with you to come and meet us.  

If your child’s application is successful we will invite you to come and have a little chat and get some casting shots taken.  We want to make sure that the children we represent are of the highest quality for our clients, which is why casting is important so that we can get a feel for your child’s character and how they work in front of the camera.

Lets get started! 

Casting Top Tips for Sandra Reynolds Juniors

1.We ask that your child arrives in a plain white t-shirt with blue jeans.

2. Hair should be clean, down and natural. 

3. No Makeup – we believe that kid’s should look like kids – beautiful without makeup. 

4. No jewellery. If child’s ears are pierced they must be removable. 

5. Practice some moves! We want to know how your child  performs in front of the camera, and to know that we can get what we need quickly and efficiently – this is especially important to our clients. It can be useful to come up with a little routine, so that every time that camera clicks, we’re getting a new pose and a different look. 

6. Be themselves! We pride ourselves in having so many different and wonderful characters on our books. We want big smiles, attitude and professionalism – but most importantly we need to get a feel of who your child is as a model.

7. When coming in to a casting with us, be sure to bring with you a USB full of up to date images and previous work your child may have done.

These tips are also perfect for any other castings your child may be attending.

If you have applied and been invited in to meet with us we hope you feel a little more prepared for your casting and we cannot wait to meet you!

Christa xx

For any model bookings or enquiries please email:

or if you would like your child to be considered please email:

or call 0207 387 5858

Sandra Reynolds Juniors is a UK based child modelling and acting agency. Successfully providing commercial babies, kids, teenagers and family models throughout London and the UK. Here are a few of our new faces this month!

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