7 ways to celebrate International Women’s Day with your kids

It’s that particular time of year again where we celebrate women of all ages for their strengths and achievements all over the world.

How do you celebrate International Women’s Day?

We think it’s a great occasion to celebrate with your children, and an even better opportunity to educate and inspire them about the role of women in society. From observing the exceptional achievements, women have made in history, to challenging gender stereotypes and bias.

Here are a few of our favourite ways you could celebrate International Women’s Day with your children.

Watch a movie that promotes girl power

A Mighty Girl is a fantastic resource site which supports and celebrates women.

A Mighty Girl believes that all children should have the opportunity to read books, play with toys, listen to music, and watch movies that offer positive messages about girls and honour their diverse capabilities.

Have a browse through their extensive collection films, break out the popcorn and pick something out to watch with your kids. There’s plenty of women-centred stories to learn from and lots of remarkable heroines to befriend.

Read a book

Celebrate International Women’s Day by reading a book written by female authors and artists and inspire your kiddies with stories about women in positions of power – fearless women who are fighting stereotypes.

Here’s a great list of female-empowering books to read with your kids from Prima

Watch a TV show

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a show filled with strong female characters!

It’s all about the bravery, strength and fierceness of women. As the series progresses, these female characters learn about themselves, and make a positive difference in each other’s lives by supporting each other – all while saving the world of course!

Write a letter

Who are the wonderful women in your child’s life? Could it be an inspiring teacher? A relative? A neighbour? An instructor? Ask your child who they look up to and get them to write a letter thanking her for being a fantastic female role-model.

Wear Purple

The colour purple is historically associated with efforts to achieve gender equality and is an internationally recognised colour to symbolise women. Purple and white are supposed to represent women’s equality.

So why not dress up with your kids, in your favourite purple attire for the day?

Attend an event

Every year international women’s day is celebrated all over the world through talks, marches, concerts, festivals and numerous other events. Go to the official International Women’s Day website and find out what’s going on near you.

Make a list

As women, we often shy away from celebrating our accomplishments.

Perhaps you’re too modest and worry about sounding like you’re bragging? Maybe it’s a case of imposter syndrome, and you don’t feel like you deserve your achievements? Perhaps you think you’ve got where you are today by pure luck?

As women, you should feel proud of what you achieve, which is why it’s so important to encourage that mindset from your kids at a young age. Encourage your children to write lists of things they are proud of and their achievements.

Write a list yourself and celebrate your achievements!

International Women’s Day should, by no means, be solely for girls, but all children.

To make equality a reality we need to draw more men into the conversation and this means talking to children of all identities.

Men will always play a vital role in the women’s movement because we will never achieve equality unless they also take action to support women’s rights.

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