A Peek Behind the Scenes

In 2017 we booked more models and more jobs for our SR Juniors than ever before, and while we get to hear a lot of the stories and see all the fun they get up to on set or on location, we realised that all of you don’t get the same privilege. With that in mind our first Fun Feature for 2018 is a look back at some of the behind the scenes moments from 2017 that we’ve been sent by our Juniors in between takes, shots and generally running about, enjoy!

Dexter and Mia-Sherae for Start-rite Shoes

Two great little videos from this children’s shoes production which perfectly demonstrate just how much fun it can be to be a Junior Model!

Danai King for Holiday Inn


Danai was nice enough to send us these snaps of him hard at work on set for Holiday Inn.

Ellis Somers for Hyundai


Hard work on a modelling job doesn’t always involve posing or smiling, but as Ellis and her teddy are demonstrating here, whatever the job may be you just have to put your head down and get on with it!

Olivia Plompen for Elsa Dolls

Two of the best things about being on a film set are the chance to meet your heroes and the chance to learn new things. Well Olivia took advantage of both during her time shooting for Elsa Dolls. Here she is learning a spot of cinematography and getting a picture snapped with Elsa herself! Well… almost.

For any model bookings or enquiries please email juniors@sandrareynolds.co.uk

or call 0207 387 5858

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