Kids to Watch | November 2017

Norah Emmanuel

Norah has been extremely busy since joining us at SR Juniors, she has shot for Adidas Kids, Startrite shoes and Orchard Toys.  She is enjoying her regular trips into London where she loves riding the tube, but her favourite part of any job is always getting her hair and make up done – and some sweeties always go down well afterwards of course!

When not modelling, Norah loves cooking, riding her bike, playing with her friends and watching Paw Patrol. She also regularly steals Mummy’s phone to take pictures of herself……… so, always a little bit of modelling going on then…

Eva-May Wright

Eva-May loves to dance when she’s not busy modelling for big brands like Natwest, she is a wonderful little girl with a gorgeous and unique look that we just adore.


Beautiful teenage model Melinsa looking stunning in these shots. In addition to Melinsa’s fabulous look she has a creative spirit to match; she sings, she acts and she plays the piano! Melinsa would describe her style as ‘very simple grunge’ (plaid skirts, vintage tops etc), her modelling icon is Kaia Gerber and if she were to pick the one thing that makes her stand out it’d be her unique curly hair and her ever-present smile. We quite agree, and we’re thrilled to be representing such a talent.

Wootton Family

A huge welcome to the lovely Wootton family.  They have worked for brands including Andrex, Halfords, Nestle and Peppa Pig. We’re thrilled to have them as a part of the Sandra Reynolds family and took the opportunity recently to get to know them a little better…

For us the most rewarding thing about modelling is…
..we love meeting new people and we also get enjoyment from working as a team and spending time together in different environments.  The kids communication skills and confidence benefits hugely. We just really love doing the best job possible and then spotting ourselves online or on a billboard.

What do you do together when not modelling?
We like the outdoors and we’re all pretty active:  Mum Sophie is a bit of a gym go-er (mainly weights and HIIT), Dad Dan is a firefighter so runs and keeps fit, and Gracie & Freddie both do after school clubs like dance and PE, plus tennis lessons at the weekends. We also regularly do a 2K Park Run at weekends together too.

What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you at a casting?
Mum Sophie says “When we were casting for Andrex, the kids had to write an object on a post-it note, stick it to my head and I had to guess what it was. After a few choice adjectives, I thought I knew what it was, but was embarrassed to say as I thought they were describing a ‘bottom’!  I had no choice but to say it. “Bottom!” I said.  And … I was correct, although the kids didn’t give me the point as they said the word they had written down was ‘Bum!'” Cheeky monkeys!!

Chase Cordaroy

Chase is another newbie to the SR family, he has a brilliant look and in his own words is “totally eager to get started on his new adventure.” We caught up with Chase to find out a little more about him; he’s an intelligent lad who loves his football (he’s a Manchester United fan, but we suppose that’s allowed), he says not many people realise he’s in a choir and thinks his best features are his hair and freckles as they make him stand out from the crowd!

Julia Starke

A big welcome to the #SRfamily to gorgeous new face Julia! When she’s not modelling Julia certainly likes to keep active, she counts swimming, martial arts and roller skating among the sports and activities she enjoys, we’re very much looking forward to representing her, if we can find a gap in her schedule!

For any model bookings or enquiries please email

or call 0207 387 5858

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