Recent Work | November 2017

Star Wars Top Trumps

We’re fairly sure if you ask most of our Junior models what their dream job would be that ‘playing with toys and getting paid’ would be fairly high on the list. Well this shoot went above and beyond for Elliot & Gracie by adding the words ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Top Trumps’ into the mix! Forget Junior models, we think anyone in the office would’ve been excited to get that call..

We’re loving the results, the video looks fantastic and the job Elliot & Gracie have done is definitely something to be proud of.


The always brilliant Clayton Family making safety look far too much fun in this shoot for Apramo!

Oracle Technology

Big model Eli and little model Emma are completely adorable in this brilliant ad for Oracle Technology. Emma had so much fun racing around the set on her wooden go kart and we think the performance of both models really makes the advert shine.


Eva-May Wright and the Kothari Family are featured in these ads for Natwest.  The finished images look fantastic and there’s a great variety of looks being used.

Elsa Dolls

Continuing this month’s theme of our Juniors getting to play with toys they love on shoots, Olivia has taken the bar from Elliot & Gracie’s Star Wars job and raised it with this advert for Elsa Dolls. Does Frozen beat Star Wars? That’s probably a debate for the Juniors to have, either way we’re glad everybody is having some fun!

For any model bookings or enquiries please email

or call 0207 387 5858


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