10 Top Tips for Juniors & Parents On Set

It’ll come as no surprise to learn that we meet quite a few Junior models and a lot of parents here at SR Juniors, and when we’re chatting with people we often get asked similar questions. With that in mind, we thought a good use of this month’s Fun Feature would be to ask Christa, our junior model recruiter and Maria & Sarah, our junior bookers, to come up with a list of tips that Junior models and their parents might find useful while on set at castings or shoots. We hope they come in handy!


1. Always make a great first impression: Photographers, Casting Directors & Clients – basically everybody on set – meet an awful lot of models in the course of their work.  The ones who stand out in their memory are the ones who make a good impression, the ones who’re smiling, polite, friendly and perhaps most importantly are eager and excited to do a good job (without being annoying!).

2. Be ready to go: Whilst there will usually be Make-up Artists or Costume Designers on set who’re trained to make the models look beautiful, each shoot is only booked for a certain amount of time and everyone will appreciate you that much more if you and your child turn up looking amazing and are ready to go the moment you step through the door.

3. Think ahead, be prepared: Never assume that somebody on set will have everything you need, always try to turn up with simple things like a hairbrush, wet wipes, a change of clothes, or any specific hair/beauty products you might require that aren’t commonly available. You may never need them, but you’ll be very popular if you have them when nobody else does!

4. Be punctual: Ask anyone who works in photography or video; there is never enough time to get everything done. The last thing anyone wants to be doing is waiting for a model who’s running late. Always try to be 10 minutes early for whatever you’re doing, that way you never add to the inevitable stress of a shoot and we can guarantee you will be appreciated for that!

5. Don’t bring the whole family: We understand that seeing the little ones strut their stuff is exciting for everyone, especially if it’s a big job or a well known brand, but the reality is that the majority of film or photography sets have limited space and are filled with very busy people. Unfortunately there just isn’t the space for a big crowd of onlookers to accompany every model who comes through the door, so please – only one adult to accompany a child on a booking, and do not take siblings – remember this is a professional paid job, not a family day out!

6. Check your brief: Whether it’s a job or a casting you will have been given a brief by your booker on what clothes to bring, how to look, where to go, what time to be there etc, please please double check everything you’ve been told before you leave and bring whatever has been asked for.

7. Say hello! This may seem like a silly thing to say but a little bit of confidence and a friendly introduction goes a long way. Just like making a good first impression is vital, it’s so important to be comfortable and confident when you’re on set, being a relaxing presence is very welcome in what can sometimes be quite a stressful environment.

8. Be helpful, if help is required: As a general rule the most helpful thing a parent can do while on-set is sit down, have a cup of tea and let everyone get on with whatever needs to be done. However, if your little one is acting up, or if somebody asks you to help with something then always be ready to spring into action and lend a hand where you can.

9. Be prepared for a wait: Delays are common during shoots and castings, and sometimes you may be required to hang around and wait while everyone gets themselves sorted. In cases like these it’s good to ensure the kids remain entertained and don’t start causing mischief, so bring a book or an iPad or something they can play with, that way they can stay engaged and happy until the time comes to get to work.

10. Got a problem? Let us know ASAP: Any booker’s nightmare scenario is arriving at the office at 9am to an email from a parent saying their child is ill and can’t do the shoot they have planned for later that morning. Situations like these require quick action to sort out, a client is waiting to shoot and nobody wants to waste their time or money so if your little one isn’t feeling well, or they have a bump, bruise or blemish that is visible and may cause problems for the shoot, let us know immediately! Agencies have emergency numbers listed for situations exactly like this, nobody minds a phone call at an odd hour if it saves stress and aggravation later down the line.


For any model bookings or enquiries please email juniors@sandrareynolds.co.uk

or call 0207 387 5858

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