SR stars for Volvo

When video production company Curveball Media came to us with an exclusive casting for Volvo, we jumped at the chance to work with them again! Budding young actor James Stickley bagged the main role for their project as featured below.

Strategic Director, Daniel Spencer at Curveball Media said, “We were approached by Volvo Trucks to create a film or animation aimed at getting more young people to join their Apprenticeship Programme.
We developed a concept aimed at young people who had already bought into the Volvo brand and ethos.
Specifically we wanted to target young people who are conscientious, have good attention to detail and focus on customer service.
James, fitted our demographic perfectly and he proved to have an energy and determination that really worked for us. He was great to work with. During the screen tests we asked actors to mime riding a bike whilst going through a series of facial expressions. James nailed it. His professionalism was also reflected on set. We filmed for two long days and due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up filming the main cycling scenes at the end of the last day. James still launched himself into the scene. Equally, Christa, who played James’ mother, interpreted our director’s (Olly Lawer) vision instantly, making the final scene a pleasure to work on.
We judge our films on how well they engage our target audience and this film has exceeded all our expectations.”

For an exclusive behind the scenes look at the production, click here!

To see a full selection of our juniors actors, visit them on or contact 

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