Start-rite AW15 Campaign


Start-rite shoes AW15 campaign sees a resurgence of their ‘Classics range’.
They’ve been talking to mums and listening to what they love about the Start-rite brand. As a result, this season showcases a collection of some of the much loved designs from over 30 years ago, updated and given a modern makeover.


The royal family are loyal Start-rite customers. They have been supplying footwear to the Windsor children since 1955. Prince George is seen regularly in the press wearing the ‘Jo’ shoe. Also worn here by model Toby in the AW15 campaign.

One of our favourite parts of the campaign is the ‘Golden Moments’ video.
Focusing on unforgettable childhood moments, the video captures the children playing games, dressing up, baking, having pillow fights and more.


Shot at one of our popular locations, GLS744 provided a large versatile space allowing 20 crew to photograph 25 children, a rabbit and shoot 2 videos all in just 2 days. You know what they say about children and animals…….It’s not true.

location: #GLS744 | production:Norfolk Production | photographer: Dan Scudamore

product photographer: Mike Harrington | models:

styling: Julie Vianey | prop stylist: Tamsyn Morgans | make-up & hair: Esther Chandler

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