When the kids are in charge…

MontageShot on location for insurance company TokioMarine Kiln, this amusing campaign features junior models Nash, Brooklyn, Hugo, Luca, Hayden, Ashtyn, Mia-Sherae and Amy in numerous ‘grown-up’ situations, giving it a ‘young apprentice’ feel.

Hugo loved his 1st ‘on location’ shoot” said Hugo’s mum Mellissa. “He had all these people on hand to make him look & feel very special. There were lots of passers by slowing down to check out what was going on and he worked quite hard too, as believe it or not those wings were quite heavy for a 4 year old!

The images were shot by photographer Matt Keal, and can be seen across the front page of their website and will be used for their corporate company brochure and for business to business marketing.

When we asked Mia what her favourite memories of the day were she said “wearing a tie and sitting on a big table like a working girl. There were lots of glasses of water on the table and I was pretending to be writing down notes“…sounds like a normal day at the office Mia!

It was shot in their very impressive offices in the City. We were on 40th floor, so the kids were fascinated with how high up we were and the super duper fast lift!” says Luca’s mum. “The most memorable thing about the job for Luca was that he got to “high five” the real boss himself – the CEO of the business.

For bookings and enquiries please email info@sandrareynolds.co.uk
or call 0207 387 5858

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